Maybe I'm A Little Too Considerate?
  • Britt: You have two hours to live.
  • Me: No! You can't hurt me!
  • Britt: *throws punches*
  • Me: No, I mean, you would miss me too much, and regret and guilt are two of the hardest things to live with. I don't want you to have to go through that... See, you'd hurt me and I'd still be thinking about your feelings.
Two-Page Books
  • Britt: I read her like a book. She can't read me. I can read her.
  • Me: What book?
  • Britt: What?
  • me: What's the name of it?
  • Britt: ...Idk some two-page book. That's how easy she is to read.

This is a slide from one of my professors power points.

This Morning Is Not The Morning

I’m so confused as to how this:

Teacher: Shannon, can you lead the warm ups today?

Turned into:

Rest of Class: Fuck you, Shann. I’m doing whatever the fuck I want.


This is why I don’t take on leadership positions. They’re pointless. Ain’t nobody trying to follow me. Don’t nobody give a fuck. And to make it worse, the one guy who probably made the only leadership experience I ever had an emotional nightmare showed up in my class today. He didn’t belong there! The sight of him upsets me and I just really wanted him to go away. I don’t like him. -_-

Done bitching now.

The First Time I Got Drunk

I cried. I was that disappointed in myself. And while I was crying, I told my friend that I cared more about her than I cared about myself; my well being was unimportant compared to hers. Being the person she is, I’m sure she took it as a compliment. But while she was there falling deeper in love with herself, I was on my bed, bawling, plunging deeper in hate with myself. I bet she didn’t even think about that. A couple of months later I began to experience my biggest emotional downfall and I feel like I’m still recovering from it today.

She did what she had to do to take care of me that night since she was more sober than I was. I’m not sure how much that moment matters now after everything I did for her and with her and I’m not sure why I’m thinking about it now. It’s been two years.

I Just Can’t Relate

I went to my first staff meeting of the semester last night and of course, I was the only black girl. It’s OK, I expect that, no surprise there. But it kind of sucks because I don’t feel like I can relate to anyone else. They all talk about things I have no clue about and they always only talk to each other. I can’t jump into conversations I know nothing about. That’s awkward.

And there is always one person who says that one girl from Gilmore Girls is their inspiration for wanting to become a journalist and all the other girls agree and say they feel the same. I have never seen an episode of that show in my life! I don’t feel the the same! I can’t relate!

But you know what? I do know about Living Single and Khadijah James, who was the editor of her own magazine, and she is my inspiration for wanting to do the same. Yea, that’s what I know about. Find me someone who can relate to that.

Old People -_-

My grampa sent me outside to KFC to buy him dinner. I don’t like KFC so I haven’t been there in years. I swear, my grampa said to get him some dry fry chicken. I have no idea what dry fry chicken is and quite frankly, he didn’t seem to know what he was asking me to buy him. I told him I would look around for signs or something.

I went to KFC and saw nothing about no dry fry chicken. So I just got the dood the original recipe. I come home and grampa asks me, “Did you get the crispy chicken?”

What? WHAT!?!!

¬_¬ Like I said, I don’t go to KFC, but how did he get dry fry chicken from crispy chicken?

And now I feel bad, lol. He seemed kinda excited about getting some dry fry/crispy chicken.

Copy Cat

I think I’m going to be like everyone else and come up with some sort of bucket list. It will be something that I will start and complete between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013. It won’t be a resolution list. I’m giving myself 365 days to finish it. I think I’ll start writing one up now. Or some time later later today, lol. I have until the end of the year to come up with at least five things to do.

This Christmas Consisted Of

Another holiday without my brother
One without my mom
No real (Caribbean) cooking/food
No presents for anyone (maybe one unopened one and some cards with money)
Not as much familial unity as I had hoped
Not a whole lot of happiness, but more than what I got two years ago

Now, I absolutely do not mind a Christmas without presents. I realized years ago that I am old enough to not expect material things on Christmas and that’s ok, but I can’t handle not being around everyone at this time of the year. I love my family. It’s kind of depressing without all of them.

Wait, What?

My brother just told me he’s proud of me and when I asked him why he said because I get good grades, for living my life and for being happy…

And now I feel bad because he doesn’t know how truly unhappy I am and how unhappy I’ve been since I came home on Thursday.

I Made A Mistake Tonight

My brother has this thing with telling me I look like Tom Hanks. -_-

Now Tom Hanks is a pretty good actor and I appreciate him as one, but I in no way look like him. I was watching The Polar Express tonight and I texted my brother letting him know that I can never watch a Tom Hanks movie without thinking about him telling me I look like Tom Hanks. Big mistake. I then received the following text messages.

Greg: LMFAO!

Britt: From the side, you look like Tom Hanks.

Ellie: You like Tom Hanks.

Ellie: Sorry, you look like Tom Hanks.

-_- Tomorrow, when I see my brother, it will be me, him and a pillowcase filled with soda cans (not really).


My friend just told me that who I am is who I am meant to be. I’m going to sleep on that.

I mean, if just about everyone is OK with me, then why shouldn’t I be OK with me too, right?

  • Mom: here is a list of all of our financial issues :D
  • Mom: but please do me a favor and don't worry about anything. :D
  • Me: ._. Ok.

I had a little date with myself. :) Just felt like being alone today. The presence of other humans made me uncomfortable, lol.

Anyway, I had myself a little pizza and some wings (gourmet microwaveable, of course), some bubbly drank (fruit punch and ginger ale), and a movie (some weird dramatic French thing on Netflix).

Finally I settled down with some comedy (a few episodes of Drawn Together) and some ice cream (strawberry cheesecake Ben & Jerry’s).

Honestly, I had a really good night. Alone. In my room. And the best part was that I chose to do this. Me, myself and I. I’ll spend time with people tomorrow.


Truth Is

I’m 21 but I still feel too young for everything. I’m not mentally ready for reality yet and I have always been afraid of this happening. Yikes.

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